I was recently delivering a presentation at a photographic society, where I was demonstrating my approach to image editing. As usual I was making full use of the Nik Collection and especially Nik Viveza. My standard approach to processing with the Nik collection is to start with selective adjustments using the Nik Control Points tool. This is the opposite of what most people expect or recommend but I find it works for me. I tend to make my global adjustments in Lightroom first. Then I take this high-quality image into the Nik collection tools and make selective adjustments.

The presentation appeared to be going well but at the break, one of the club members came over to ask a question. “What are all these control points I was using”? My mistake was being overly familiar with my editing tools. I was applying my adjustments far too quickly for my audience to follow.

I was very grateful this lady. She had highlighted a problem that was easy for me to solve. I started the next section of the presentation with a 5-minute introduction to control points. This was enough to bring everyone up to a level where they could appreciate the editing. The feedback following the presentation certainly backed up my decision.

Learning from my presentation mistake, I’m probably guilty of assuming people watching my editing videos also understand control points. This probably isn’t the case so I recorded a brief video to help. This explains simply how to use control points to make selective adjustments to images.

  • How to view, understand and control the masks created by control points.
  • How the masks are updated dynamically. How to switch quickly between a mask and image preview.
  • How to copy a control point.
  • Pretty much everything you need to apply selective adjustments to your photographs.

Watch the video and if you have any questions please let me know.


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