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I have never had much luck when shooting in the Peak District. I seem to find the landscape there rather heavy going and favour the more dramatic scenery of the English Lake District. Well, this all seems to be changing following a recent trip where a friend introduced me to Higger Tor. This was a new and interesting location and one that was very accessible.

In this short video I share the location as I seek to compose my shots. I explain what has caught my interest and how I am trying to make the scene work.

My equipment list for the location is:

  • Fuji XT2 camera
  • Fuji 10-24mm and 16-55mm lenses
  • Traditional cable release (well done Fuji for including a mechanical release with the XT2)
  • Lee 100mm filter system with 0.3 and 0.3 ND graduated filters
  • Tripod (Velbon Rexi-L with Manfrotto head)
  • Novoflex levelling base fitted to the tripod and head

I hope you enjoy the video. Keep an eye open for the follow up showing the editing process for the photographs.

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