How Big Can You Enlarge iPhone Photos?

How Big Can You Enlarge iPhone Photos

I recently wrote an article about how to enlarge iPhone photos. In it, I used the excellent Topaz Photo AI software to correct quality problems and make a two-times enlargement. But that got me thinking: how big can I enlarge my iPhone photos? ...
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How To Enlarge iPhone Photos

This article explains how I created a print-quality enlargement from my iPhone image using Topaz Photo AI ...
The Best Image Resizing Software@ Topaz Gigapixel AI Vs ON1 Resize AI title image

The Best Image Resizing Software: Topaz Gigapixel AI vs ON1 Resize AI

In recent years we’ve seen an explosion of photo editing software using AI or artificial intelligence. One popular application of this technology is in image resizing. Many of the packages claim a breakthrough in quality and that they are the best image resizing software. In this article, I’ll be putting two popular AI image resizing packages to the test to ...
surprising results with topaz sharpen ai video image

Topaz Sharpen AI Surprises Me

Recently I’ve found myself increasingly turning to Topaz Sharpen AI (affiliate link) to fix problems with image sharpness. Typically, these are problems where part of the image is too soft, usually because I’ve picked the wrong focus point. Topaz Sharpen AI seems to be able to magically fix these problems and save photos that I would otherwise delete ...
Topaz DeNoise AI Review title image

Topaz DeNoise AI Review – Real World Noise Reduction

Today I want to look at the subject of noise reduction by reviewing Topaz DeNoise AI. The Topaz Website heading claims “Surprisingly good noise reduction with Topaz DeNoise AI” and I must admit that I agree ...
Topaz Labs launches Gigapixel AI 5 main image

Topaz Labs launches Gigapixel AI 5

I recently received an email from Topaz Labs to let me know that Gigapixel AI 5 had launched and as an existing Topaz Gigapixel user I had free upgrade to the latest version. Given how impressed I was when I tested Gigapixel AI 4 I was keen to see what improvements Topaz had made in this latest version ...

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