a LUT Generator like 3D LUT Creator can add effects like this

How to Create Your Own LUTs with 3D LUT Creator

How to Create Your Own LUTs Using 3D LUT Creator In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to create your own LUT’s using a tool called 3D LUT Creator. Some photographers have been using LUTs in their photo editing for a long time and some of the effects they can create are superb. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered ...
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Nik Color Efex Pro

Transform a Dull Scene with Nik Color Efex Pro

Transform a Dull Scene with Nik Color Efex Pro In this video I demonstrate how you can transform a dull scene with Nik Color Efex Pro. The transcript for the video is also included below. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel. I publish a new video every week, often based on ...
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Enhance your autumn images

Enhance Autumn Images

Enhance Your Autumn Images Autumn is a wonderful time to be a landscape photographer. The trees and landscape changes to a stunning golden scene. But there can be a problem. You might shoot what you believe is a vibrant and beautiful image. But when you later view this on your computer, you find it lacking. If you have experienced this ...
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How to simulate film grain using Photoshops camera RAW filter

Simulate Film Grain Using Photoshop Camera Raw

Simulate Film Grain Using Photoshop’s Camera RAW Filter In this tutorial we’re going to look at how you can simulate film grain using the Camera RAW filter in Photoshop. I’ve also produced a separate tutorial explaining an alternative approach to adding film grain in Photoshop using Layers. This is another approach you might like to consider which is a little ...
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Layers Window with Dodge and Burn Layers

How to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

How to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop Dodging and burning are techniques that were once used extensively in the photographic darkroom to improve the appearance of photographs, sometimes quite dramatically. The term Dodging refers to lightening an area of the image whilst Burning is darkening. These techniques have now made their way through to image editing tools such as Photoshop, ...
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Finished black & white image

Creating a Holga Effect in Photoshop

Creating a Holga Effect in Photoshop If you have been reading the popular photography press over the last year you might have come across a number of articles about Holga cameras. If you are not already familiar with these little wonders they cost around £20, are made in China from plastic, have a dreadful lens that produces wonderfully artistic images, ...
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