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Affinity Photo Landscape Photo Editing Workflow Finished

Photo Editing Workflow

Affinity Photo Landscape Photo Editing Workflow In this tutorial, we look at how to edit an example landscape photo with Affinity Photo and Silver Efex Pro from the Nik Collection. If you don’t already have a workflow for editing your landscape photos, try using the following simple approach: Image Assessment –Evaluate your landscape image and consider the end results you ...
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Tutorial explaining two powerful adjustments in Nik Silver Efex Pro

Powerful Nik Silver Efex Pro Tools

The Most Powerful Adjustments in Nik Silver Efex Pro Nik Silver Efex Pro is a powerful black and white converter in the Nik Collection. It helps you to easily achieve adjustments that could leave you scratching your head in Photoshop. And in Lightroom similar adjustments might not even be possible. Two of the adjustment sliders in Silver Efex Pro that ...
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dramatic black and white landscape photo from a dull grey scene

Dramatic Black and White Landscape

Turn a Dull Day into a Dramatic Black & White Landscape We've all shot those dull, grey boring scenes when the weather conditions just weren’t right. But what if you could turn them into a dramatic black and white landscape with a little post processing? Learn how with this video tutorial. A few days back, I ventured out into The ...
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black and white processing the roaches image

Black and White Processing – The Roaches Image

Black and White Processing The Roaches Image I recently published this black and white image which I shot on a foggy day in The Roaches in Staffordshire. Personally, it’s one of my favourites from this year and a few people have asked me to explain how the black and white processing was achieved. The following short video will demonstrate what ...
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Nik Collection Infrared Photography Sumilation

Nik Collection Infrared Simulation

Nik Collection Infrared Simulation Whilst infrared photography can produce interesting and beautiful results, not everyone wants or can afford to convert a camera record infrared light. One affordable alternative is to convert your colour digital images to produce an infrared simulation using software. If you know how to use Photoshop, you can produce a believable infrared simulation. This can though ...
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Nik Silver Efex The Forgotten Adjustment

Nik Silver Efex – The Forgotten Adjustment

Nik Silver Efex – The Forgotten Adjustment Did you know that Nik Silver Efex has a forgotten adjustment? To be precise, it’s more of an overlooked adjustment. Either way, if you don’t know how to use these tools properly you could be missing out. That’s why I produced this short video to help remind you of these important features. When ...
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Processing Infrared Images

Processing Infrared Photography

Processing Digital Infrared Photography The processing of digital infrared photography seems to cause confusion and concern for those new to the medium. If this is you, I would like to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about. Equally, there are some who believe the digital infrared photos comes out of the camera looking great; which is not usually ...
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