DxO PureRAW 3 Review Video Thumbnail

DxO PureRAW Version 3 Reviewed

Most photographer’s spend a small fortune buying the best cameras and lenses, hoping to achieve excellent image quality. Whilst cameras and lenses certainly play a part in image quality, this ignores the third component which is RAW processing ...
On1 Sky Swap AI Photoshop Plugin Reviewed

On1 Sky Swap AI Plug-in Review

In this review, we’re looking at the new On1 Sky Swap AI plug-in for Photoshop. Although we don’t cover it in this article, I’ve also tested this plug-in with Affinity Photo, and it works great ...
Affinity Photo 2 Has Arrived

Affinity Photo 2 Has Arrived

The 9th of November 2022 was a big day for users of Affinity Photo as it saw the release of the latest version of Affinity Photo 2. Unlike the many earlier releases, this was a paid release and there are many new features that might tempt you to upgrade ...
Topaz DeNoise AI Review title image

Topaz DeNoise AI Review – Real World Noise Reduction

Today I want to look at the subject of noise reduction by reviewing Topaz DeNoise AI. The Topaz Website heading claims “Surprisingly good noise reduction with Topaz DeNoise AI” and I must admit that I agree ...
Samyang 12mm lens review main image

Samyang 12mm Fuji Real Life Lens Review

In March 2019 I purchased a Samyang 12mm prime lens for my Fuji system. Since then I’ve been using this Samyang lens for Landscape Photography, alongside the Fuji 10-24. In this review, I’ll be sharing what’s great about this lens as well as what you might not like ...
View across Singapore Fuji 18-135 Lens Review

The Fuji 18-135 – A Real Life Review

If there’s one thing I hate its lens reviews. You know, the type that tells you all about the sharpness and resolving capability. Yes, these things can be important. After all, we all hate poor lens quality.  But the thing about sharpness and distortion charts is they don’t help you understand what a lens is like to use. That’s why ...

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