Using the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

How to use the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool is one of the oldest repair tools in the Photoshop Tools Palette. Whilst Adobe has introduced newer repair tools, the Clone Stamp Tool remains extremely valuable. It’s a great tool to use when removing distractions in photos and especially when combined with other Photoshop repair tools ...
How to use the Photoshop Patch Tool tutorial main image

How to Use The Patch Tool in Photoshop

When you need to quickly remove a large object from a photograph, the Photoshop Patch Tool could be the solution. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how you can use the Patch Tool. I’ll also be sharing a few tips to help you achieve better results ...
selection made with the rectangle marquee tool to use with Photoshop content aware scaling

Photoshop Content Aware Scaling

In this tutorial we’ll be looking at the Photoshop Content Aware Scaling tool to help you understand: How the tool works. When to use it, and importantly. What are the alternatives? ...
Brilliant Repairs using the Photoshop Healing Brush tutorial image

Using the Photoshop Healing Brush

The Photoshop Healing Brush tools appear easy to use at first, and they are for simple repair jobs. But what about something more complex than removing a few sensor dust spots from a clear sky. Chances are that if you’ve tried to use the Healing Brush tools for more complex repairs you will have run into difficulties. In this tutorial, ...
Lightroom Clone and Heal Tools

Using the Lightroom Clone and Heal Tool (Video)

Using the Lightroom Clone and Heal Tool Recently I posted a video showing how I had captured and processed some images of Holm Fell in the Lake District. Following this I received a few comments saying the editing was difficult to follow. I had assumed everyone would be familiar with the Lightroom Clone and Heal tools but that wasn’t the ...
Lightroom Spot Removal

Lightroom Spot Removal Tool

Lightroom Spot Removal Tool Dust and spots can appear on camera sensors at any time causing photographers a real headache. Lightroom provides a some well thought out tools to help tackle the problems caused by a dirty sensor. This tutorial explains how to make the most of the Lightroom Spot Removal tools. Let’s start by examining a simple landscape image ...

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