How to open camera raw in photoshop main image

How to Open Images Using Camera RAW in Photoshop

Today I’m looking at how to open Camera Raw in Photoshop so you can use it to edit your photos. I’m aiming to clear up some of the confusion caused by the way Camera RAW opens depending on the type of image you’re editing. I’ll also be covering how to open Camera RAW as a Smart Filter to preserve adjustments ...
How to level the horizon in lightroom tutorial main image

Easy Ways to Level the Horizon in Lightroom

A common problem affecting all photographers at some time is the crooked or sloping horizon. In this tutorial I’ll explain how you can easily fix and level a sloping horizon in Lightroom. But if you only need to rotate an image through 90 or 180 degrees, see my tutorial explaining how to rotate an image in Lightroom ...
landscape photo editing workflow Part 4 Special Effects in Photoshop

Post Processing Landscape Photography Workflow

In this tutorial, we’re looking at post-processing landscape photography with a simple four-part workflow. But the workflow we’ll use can form the basis of any post-processing to improve a photograph. It doesn’t need to be a landscape photo. The steps in the workflow that we’ll look at are: 1. Photo Assessment to determine required adjustments. 2. RAW Conversion to produce ...
Dramatic black & white conversions before and after

Dramatic Black & White Photography

Dramatic Black & White Conversion in Lightroom The accepted wisdom in Photography circles is that to produce a dramatic Black & White conversion you need special software or plug-ins. Lightroom has tools to create black and white conversions but you can’t achieve dramatic results. This is rubbish and you shouldn’t listen to people who tell you this. In this video, ...
Fuji RAW file Conversion Challenge

Fuji RAW file Conversion Challenge

Fuji RAW file Conversion Challenge This challenge is issued to anyone and everyone using Lightroom as a RAW converter. I issue following my poor results when converting RAW files from my Fuji XT-1 with Lightroom and much better results using RAW Therapee. The challenge is simple: Download the Zip file below. This contains a RAW file and a JPEG image ...
RAW file import error message in Lightroom

Lightroom Doesn’t Support My Camera

Lightroom Doesn’t Support My Camera Have you ever had that sinking feeling of disappointment, when you buy a new camera and then realise Lightroom won’t support it? I recall once buying a Sony NEX5 almost as soon as it launched. I was so excited to find out how good the image quality was, but then when I tried to open ...

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