The importance of white balance for photography and how to set it

How To Control White Balance For Better Photography

In this article, we look at the subject of using White Balance for Photography. I’ll be explaining what it is as well as how to correctly set a white balance to produce better photos. When you understand white balance, you can gain more control over the colours in your photography ...
DxO PureRAW 2.1 Released title image

DxO PureRAW 2.1

A few days ago, DxO released DxO PureRAW 2.1. This is a free upgrade for owners of PureRAW 2 which was released in March 2022. The headline improvements in this new release are: ...
DXO PureRAW Review

DxO Launches PureRAW

Recently I had the opportunity to test and review a pre-launch version of DxO PureRAW. This is a new product from DxO and there isn’t anything much similar on the market currently. In this review I want to explain: ...
Improving Fuji RAW Processing in lightroom main image

Improving Fuji RAW File Processing in Lightroom

For a long time, I used Adobe Lightroom to manage my photography and process my RAW files. It was a good solution and I have thousands of hours invested in my Lightroom Catalog. If it weren’t for my having purchased a Fuji camera, I suspect I would still be happy using Lightroom. Unfortunately, a few years back I bought a ...
Panasonic G9 vs Fuji XT3 for landscape photography title image

Panasonic G9 vs Fuji XT3: Comparing Image Quality

For the past four years I’ve been using Fuji XT cameras for my landscape photography. Initially it was the Fuji XT1, but I quickly followed that with the XT2 and then an XT3. I decided not to upgrade to the Fuji XT4 because I don’t think there’s sufficient new features that would benefit me. Instead I’ve purchased a Panasonic G9 ...
how to target adjustments using luminosity range masking tutorial main image

Using Luminance Range Masking in Photoshop Camera Raw

The Photoshop Camera Raw filter is easy to use and an extremely flexible tool. It can be a great way to edit your photos and it can also provide an alternative to more complex techniques like Luminosity Masking. When making a selection in the Camera Raw filter you can now apply Luminance Range Masking to target specific image tones. In ...

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