5 bay Drobo drive. A Drobo alternative is required for my photo library.

My Frantic Search for A Drobo Alternative in 2024

Until recently, I’d been a long-time Drobo user and enthusiast. Then, in 2022, Drobo’s parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy before liquidating in 2023. This marked the end of a wonderful photo storage solution for photographers and presented me with a problem. I needed to find a Drobo alternative quickly ...
How to use a wide angle lens for best effect title image

How to Use a Wide-Angle Lens for Best Effect

Using a wide angle lens for landscape photography is something most photographers take for granted. If this is you, you need to give it more thought. Often a wide angle lens is one of the first lenses a new photographer tries when they become interested in landscape photography. Enthused by the dramatic landscape images that are possible, this initial enthusiasm ...
Joby $1m prize wheel for black friday

Joby Black Friday $1m Give Away

This year, ahead of Black Friday, Joby is giving customers a chance to spin & win up to £180 of products. This also celebrates the launch of their new GorillaFeet and Bum Bag products, by giving away one million dollars’ worth of products over the coming weeks ...
The essential camera feature no one talks about title image

The Essential Camera Feature Nobody Talks About

Here’s an interesting question. Can you name the essential camera feature that nobody talks about? Spend a moment thinking about this before continuing. Okay, so this is a bit of a trick question because the answer isn’t one thing, and it can be different depending on who you talk to or what camera you use. That’s because the answer to ...
What I Learned by Changing My Camera title image

What I Learned by Changing My Camera

Earlier this year I went through an interesting exercise; I changed my camera system. I went from using a Fuji XT3 as my main camera to using only a Panasonic G9. Doing so rekindled my enthusiasm but also brought back painful memories of my last system transition. But best of all, I believe it improved my photography. What I hope ...
Do I need a full frame camera title image

Do I Need a Full Frame Camera for Landscape Photography?

I was recently asked the question “do I need a full frame camera” by a couple of people. Whilst both saw full frame as something to aspire to photographically, they also questioned if it was necessary given recent advances in software. In this article, I will try to answer this question in relation to landscape photography ...

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