Comparing where to focus in a landscape photo with where to focus in a portrait

Where to Focus When Taking a Photograph

A question often asked is, “Where should I focus when taking a photograph?”. It appears this causes a lot of confusion, possibly because it's intrinsically linked with depth of field. In this article, I want to explore the question of where to focus when you’re taking a photograph ...
Tips for abstract landscape photography success title image

Tips for Abstract Landscape Photography Success

Abstract landscape photography can seem like an easy option at times, especially when the weather is dull. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t work well and is a common mistake amongst photographers. If you want to shoot good abstract landscape photography this tutorial has some simple tips that can help. Let’s start by looking at what abstract landscape photograph is ...
landscape photo editing workflow Part 4 Special Effects in Photoshop

Post Processing Landscape Photography Workflow

In this tutorial, we’re looking at post-processing landscape photography with a simple four-part workflow. But the workflow we’ll use can form the basis of any post-processing to improve a photograph. It doesn’t need to be a landscape photo. The steps in the workflow that we’ll look at are: 1. Photo Assessment to determine required adjustments. 2. RAW Conversion to produce ...
Storm on the Coast of Sicily, Andreas Achenbach 1852

Old Master Landscape Photography

Old Master Landscape Photography As a photographer, you probably spend time reviewing the work of other photographers. If you’re interested in Landscape Photography, then you will no doubt have reviewed the work of those considered to be masters of their craft such as Ansel Adams. But have you ever stopped to review the work of painters, especially the landscape work ...

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