The No.1 Sharpening Mistake in Affinity Photo

The No.1 Sharpening Mistake in Affinity Photo

When you’ve finished editing a photo and you are ready to sharpen it, there’s a common mistake that you need to avoid. This mistake doesn’t have a name to describe it, but it can easily cause you to over or under sharpen your photos ...
Making Sense of the Photoshop Image Sharpening Options

How to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop

There are lots of ways to sharpen an image in Photoshop. You’ll find some of these in the Filter menu, although there are some other less obvious techniques like High Pass Sharpening. In this tutorial, we’re going to look at the Photoshop Filter | Sharpen menu to better understand the more obvious options ...
Image sharpening wedge example 5

How Does Image Sharpening Work?

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how image sharpening works? One minute your photo is soft, but by moving around a few sliders it seems to snap into focus. How can that happen? ...
My simple approach to sharpening photos for print title image

My Simple Approach to Sharpening Photos for Print

In this article, I want to share my simple approach to sharpening photos for print. Actually, I have two approaches. One uses Adobe Lightroom and the other Nik Sharpener Pro from the Nik Collection. Both are extremely easy, and you can switch between them depending on your needs and software ...
How to Fix a Blurry Photo title image

How to Fix a Blurry Photo

In this tutorial I want to share how I fix a blurry photo. But before we get into the details there’s something important to understand. Fixing a blurry photo should be a last resort to save an image where there is no alternative. It’s always better to avoid shooting a blurry photo when possible. Despite this, I realise that it’s ...
Image Sharpening with Lightroom

Image Sharpening with Lightroom

In this tutorial, we look at how to sharpen photos in Lightroom. But before we examine the sharpening controls Lightroom provides, you need to know about the Sharpening Workflow ...

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