Best image and resolution size for printing main image

Best Image Size and Resolution Settings for Printing

In this tutorial, we look at the relationship between image size and resolution and how it affects printing. This will help to guide you in selecting settings and finding the best resolution size when making a print. We also consider how to deal with the image aspect ratio and the need (or not) to include a border ...
Capture One soft proofing and print.

Capture One Soft Proofing

In this tutorial, we’re looking at Capture One Soft Proofing. We’ll discuss what Soft Proofing is before looking at how it works in Capture One. We’ll also look at the Capture One Proofing function which is a useful feature to help you proof your photos ...
what is Lightroom Soft proofing article image

Soft Proofing in Lightroom

Soft Proofing is a process where you simulate using software how your photo will look when printed. You can then examine this simulation or soft proof on your computer screen to check that you’re happy with it before printing. This is important for several reasons: 1. You can waste a lot of time trying to make your print match your ...
Mac OS Photo Printing Problem

Mac OS Photo Printing Problem

Mac OS Photo Printing Problem Recently I found myself in a complete panic when I suffered a serious photo printing problem on my Mac. Fortunately, I was able to resolve it, but I wasted a lot of time and money in the process. Then scarily, one of my friends experienced the same issue. Here’s one of the prints to help ...
Affinity Photo Print illustration image

Affinity Photo Printing for Photographers

There’s no denying Affinity Photo is a great tool for editing, but what if you want to print your photos? Using Affinity Photo for printing is a great choice. But if you have been using other tools like Lightroom, the printing process might not be obvious. In this article, I will explain how you can produce great prints from your ...
Selecting inkjet paper for photo printing. Fine Art Matt Paper

Inkjet Paper for Photo Printing

Selecting Inkjet Paper for Photo Printing Let’s face it the cost of inkjet printing isn’t cheap. But being able to print your photos can bring pleasure and add an extra dimension to your photography. Often, it’s only when you hold the finish printing your hands that you can really appreciate the image you’ve created. When it comes to selecting an ...

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