Landscape photo editing with the nik collection main image

3 Tips for Editing Landscape Photos with the Nik Collection

In this tutorial we are looking at three techniques you can use when editing landscape photos with the Nick collection. These three tips can make a significant difference to your photo editing and improve your results. For the tutorial we will be using Nik Viveza and Nik Color Efex Pro from the Nik Collection 3, but you can any version ...
Enhance your autumn images

Enhance Autumn Images

Enhance Your Autumn Images Autumn is a wonderful time to be a landscape photographer. The trees and landscape changes to a stunning golden scene. But there can be a problem. You might shoot what you believe is a vibrant and beautiful image. But when you later view this on your computer, you find it lacking. If you have experienced this ...
Nik Viveza secret adjustments

Learn Nik Viveza 2 Secret Adjustments (Video)

Learn Nik Viveza 2 Secret Adjustments In this video, I share several Viveza 2 secret adjustments. These can help you achieve impressive results quickly when adjusting your images. Whilst you can buy the Nik Collection from DxO, you can also get it for free as I explain in this article. If you’re a landscape photography you may know about Nik ...
Nik Viveza or Color Efex Pro

Nik Viveza or Color Efex Pro

Nik Viveza or Color Efex Pro Amongst photographers new to editing with the Nik collection of plug ins (and possibly even for experienced users), there is an often asked question. Which should I use, Nik Viveza or Color Efex Pro? There is another version of this question which is “what’s the difference, don’t these both do the same thing”? Initially ...

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