Blackpool Central Pier at sunset showing a beautiful glow effect

Adding a Beautiful Sun Glow Effect in Nik Color Efex Pro

I’m sure that you will have seen many landscape photos featuring beautiful glow effects. In this tutorial, I want to explain how to create the effect of glowing sunlight and I’m going to do this using only Nik Color Efex Pro ...
My Nik Collection Essential Filter in Nik Color Efex Pro

The Essential Nik Color Efex Pro Filter

I’ve personally been using the Nik Collection and Nik Color Efex Pro 4 for well over a decade. In this time, there is one filter that I use with nearly every photo I edit, which is why I consider this filter to be essential. In the following video, I share what that filter is and demonstrate how effective it is ...
Non-destructive editing in the nik collection title image

Non-Destructive Editing in the Nik Collection

When DxO launched the Nik Collection 3, they included one of the most widely requested features, non-destructive editing. In this article I’ll be explaining how this works in the Nik Collection and some of the limitations. But to start, let’s explain non-destructive editing and why it’s so important when editing your photos ...
Landscape photo editing with the nik collection main image

3 Tips for Editing Landscape Photos with the Nik Collection

In this tutorial we are looking at three techniques you can use when editing landscape photos with the Nick collection. These three tips can make a significant difference to your photo editing and improve your results. For the tutorial we will be using Nik Viveza and Nik Color Efex Pro from the Nik Collection 3, but you can any version ...
Four nik filters to make photo details pop without sharpening

Four Nik Filters to Make Photo Details Pop Without Sharpening

Four Nik Filters to Make Photo Details Pop Without Sharpening In this tutorial, we look at four Nik Collection filter you can use to make the details in your photos pop. You’ll find all four of these detail enhancing filters in Nik Color Efex Pro. But the most remarkable thing about these filters is that the work without sharpening. You ...
Nik Collection 2.5 Released

Nik Collection 2.5 Released by DxO

Nik Collection 2.5 Released by DxO It’s quite possible you’ve already seen the news. DxO has released version 2.5 of the Nik Collection and if you’re a fan of film you’ll be happy. We’ve already seen the Nik Collection 2.3 introduce new film simulations to Silver Efex Pro. Well this time it’s the turn of another of my favourite plug-ins; ...

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