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Affinity Photo Landscape Photo Editing Workflow Finished

Photo Editing Workflow

Affinity Photo Landscape Photo Editing Workflow In this tutorial, we look at how to edit an example landscape photo with Affinity Photo and Silver Efex Pro from the Nik Collection. If you don’t already have a workflow for editing your landscape photos, try using the following simple approach: Image Assessment –Evaluate your landscape image and consider the end results you ...
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landscape photo editing workflow Part 4 Special Effects in Photoshop

Post Processing Landscape Photography Workflow

LENSCRAFT PHOTO EDITING TUTORIALSPost Processing Landscape Photography WorkflowRobin Whalley, Landscape Photographer27 August 2019Bamford Edge Heather Post Processing Example In this tutorial, we’re looking at post-processing landscape photography with a simple four-part workflow. But the workflow we’ll use can form the basis of any post-processing to improve a photograph. It doesn’t need to be a landscape photo. The steps in the ...
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Capture one plugins and the Nik Collection

Capture One Plugins and the Nik Collection

Capture One Plugins and the Nik Collection Are you aware that Capture One now supports using Plugins? Phase One who develops Capture One introduced support for Plugins in version 12 of their software. Interestingly, it isn’t just the Pro version of Capture One that supports plugins. If you’re using the free Capture One Express edition to edit your Sony or ...
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Nik Collection Download free

Nik Collection Download Free

Can I get the Nik Collection Download for Free?Recently I’ve been receiving lots of emails asking can I still get the Nik Collection download free. There so much confusion and misinformation about the Nik Collection that I want to set the record straight. The simple answer to this is yes you can still get a free download of the Nik ...
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image sharpened using nik sharpener pro 3

Professional Results with Nik Sharpener Pro

Professional Results with Nik Sharpener Pro 3 In this tutorial, I’m going to explain image sharpen using Nik Sharpener Pro. I’m also including two videos which demonstrate sharpening techniques in more detail. One video covers Capture Sharpening with the Nik RAW Presharpener version of Sharpener Pro. The other covers Creative and Output Sharpening using the Nik Output Sharpener. The two ...
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workflow idea for using the Nik Collection 2018

Using the Nik Collection

Using the Nik Collection As someone whose been using the Nik Collection for a very long time, I tend not to think very much about which plugins you need. I just sort of know. But then I was recently talking to someone and they reminded me about how confusing the Nik Collection can first appear. That’s why I decided to ...
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Tutorial explaining two powerful adjustments in Nik Silver Efex Pro

Powerful Nik Silver Efex Pro Tools

The Most Powerful Adjustments in Nik Silver Efex Pro Nik Silver Efex Pro is a powerful black and white converter in the Nik Collection. It helps you to easily achieve adjustments that could leave you scratching your head in Photoshop. And in Lightroom similar adjustments might not even be possible. Two of the adjustment sliders in Silver Efex Pro that ...
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Pro tips to using the Nik Collection in Photoshop

Pro Tips for Using the Nik Collection in Photoshop

Using the Nik Collection in Photoshop - Essential Pro Tips Given the choice, I would always choose to use the Nik Collection in Photoshop. In this article, I’ll explain why and give you some expert tips about how to get more out of the Nik plugins in Photoshop. If you have any tips of your own, be sure to leave ...
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Using the Nik Collection in Lightroom

Using the Nik Collection in Lightroom

Using the Nik Collection in Lightroom On the face of it, using the Nik Collection in Lightroom appears simple. You find the photo you want to edit. Right-click with your mouse. Select “Edit in” from the popup menu and pick the Nik plugin you want to use. But if this is how you’re using the Nik Collection in Lightroom, you’re ...
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Four tips using the nik collection

Nik Collection Tips For Landscape Photographers

Using The Nik Collection Four Tips For Landscape Photographers In this article I want to share with you four tips using the Nik Collection. I’m going to demonstrate these photo editing techniques using landscape images and The Nik Collection 2018 by DxO. Although these are predominantly landscape photography tips the can also be valuable when applied to other types of ...
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