Create Amazing Selections With The Affinity Photo Pen Tool

Create Amazing Selections With the Affinity Photo Pen Tool

One of the most accurate selection methods in Affinity Photo is the Pen Tool. Unfortunately, many people using Affinity Photo to edit their photography avoid using it. That’s probably because they find it difficult to control and not intuitive. So, in this tutorial, I will explain an easy way to use the Pen Tool to create amazingly accurate selections ...
How to Turn Day into night using lightroom

How To Turn Day Into Night in Lightroom

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to turn day into night using only Adobe Lightroom. This is much easier than you may at first think ...
Simple way to make luminosity masks in affinity photo

Two Simple Techniques for Creating Luminosity Masks in Affinity Photo

In the past, I’ve produced tutorials and videos trying to help with this problem. Whilst they work, they aren’t always easy to follow, and they aren’t very flexible. So, I’ve put on my thinking cap and may have a solution ...
How to make selections in affinity photo title image and video

How to Make Selections in Affinity Photo

The ability to create accurate selections in an image is an important skill for photo editing. Selections allow you to change parts of an image whilst leaving other areas unchanged, for example, to replace the sky. Fortunately, Affinity Photo has several tools to help us easily make selections ...
How to use the selection brush tool in affinity photo title image

How to Use the Selection Brush Tool in Affinity Photo

A common photo editing task is selecting an area of a photo to adjust, without affecting the rest of the image. Often, it’s not the adjustment you apply but how well you make a selection that determines the quality of your image. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to use the features of the Selection Brush Tool in ...
On1 Photo RAW Luminosity Masking title image

ON1 Photo RAW Luminosity Masks

A great strength of ON1 Photo RAW, when compared to its competitors, is its masking tools. In this tutorial, we take a detailed look at how to use the ON1 Photo RAW Luminosity Mask. But the advice isn’t limited to ON1 Photo RAW. You will find the same Luminosity Mask tools in other ON1 Software like ON1 NoNoise AI ...

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