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What Is ISO In Photography, AND How Do I Use It?

This page may contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission to help cover costs. They do not affect the price you pay or the service you receive. Thank you for your support. What Is ISO In Photography, AND How Do I Use It? In this article, we explore the ISO setting on your camera and how to use ...
Example 3 of an image using the Olympus EM5 Mk3 High Resolution mode showing the problem

Olympus EM5 Mk3 High-Resolution Mode Problem

Recently, I purchased a used EM5 Mk3 Micro Four Thirds camera. Although I already own and use a Panasonic G9, I prefer the colour rendering of the Olympus EM5 and the tiny body. It’s around half the size and weight of the Panasonic G9, making it an ideal travel camera. This small size also made me opt for the EM5 ...
camera diffraction example showing diffraction in the distance

Is Your Camera Diffraction Limited?

When photographers think about diffraction, we tend to think about lens diffraction. For some reason, we seem to ignore the part the camera sensor plays. I too made this mistake, until recently, when I was plagued with soft images. Following lots of head scratching, I discovered that my lenses weren’t the cause and that I was suffering from camera diffraction ...
The importance of white balance for photography and how to set it

How To Control White Balance For Better Photography

In this article, we look at the subject of using White Balance for Photography. I’ll be explaining what it is as well as how to correctly set a white balance to produce better photos. When you understand white balance, you can gain more control over the colours in your photography ...
digital landscape photography example illustrating my approach

How To Approach Digital Landscape Photography for Better Images

When I first made the switch from shooting film (usually slide film) to digital photography, I read some excellent advice about the difference. That advice re-defined my approach to digital landscape photography and I’m still following it today. Whilst this is something I do automatically, I’m aware others might find it valuable, so I want to share it in this ...
Flowering heather captured using a shallow depth of field

Take Better Photos Using Depth of Field Control

As photographers, one of the most valuable tools for taking better photos is the depth of field. Being able to control and use depth of field correctly is often what separates a skilled photographer from the rest. In this tutorial you will learn: ...

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