iPhone SE Camera App example photo of Dubai at night. Arguably the best camera app for the iPhone

The Best iPhone Camera App for Photographers

If you’ve been following Lenscraft for a few months, you may know I’ve become a huge fan of iPhone photography. I’m quite amazed at how much detail even a basic iPhone like my 2nd generation iPhone SE can capture. Because of this, I’ve begun to investigate some of the camera apps that are available for the iPhone. While there are ...
Comparing the original iPhone photo with the iPhone long exposure

Capturing iPhone Long Exposure Photos

Did you know that there is an easy way to capture a long exposure on an iPhone? You don’t need any special software, only the software you will find on your iPhone by default. Best of all, you can capture these long-exposure photos handheld. You won’t need to put your iPhone on a tripod. In this article, I’ll explain everything ...
How Big Can You Enlarge iPhone Photos?

How Big Can You Enlarge iPhone Photos

I recently wrote an article about how to enlarge iPhone photos. In it, I used the excellent Topaz Photo AI software to correct quality problems and make a two-times enlargement. But that got me thinking: how big can I enlarge my iPhone photos? ...
How To Enlarge iPhone Photos Title Thumbnail

How To Enlarge iPhone Photos

This article explains how I created a print-quality enlargement from my iPhone image using Topaz Photo AI ...

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