Example scan from Black and White film

Advice for Better Film Scanning

Advice for Better Film Scanning Being able to successfully digitise film images using a film scanner is something of an art and can be very frustrating. Part of the reason for this is that people fail to appreciate and take control of all the variables involved. This article discusses several ideas that will help you enjoy better film scanning and ...
Preview scan with calibration overlay lined up

VueScan Scanner Calibration

VueScan Scanner Calibration In this tutorial I will explain how you can use VueScan to calibrate your scanner and produce a bespoke film ICC profile. This will improve the accuracy of your colour film scanning. It’s something a specialist will charge you a lot of money for, but with a little knowledge and a few tools you can easily do ...
XPan image created using the improved black and white film scanning approach

Improved Black and White Film Scanning

Improved Black and White Film Scanning In this tutorial I’m going to explain an alternative approach that could improve your black and white film scanning. Using this approach has allowed me to improve the detail and sharpness of my film scanning. I hope it can help you do the same. If you haven't already done so, I would recommend also ...

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