What You Need to Know About Printing from DxO PhotoLab video thumbnail

Essential Steps When Printing From DxO PhotoLab 6

Are you asking yourself “How should I Print from DxO PhotoLab?”. If you are, allow me to share how I achieve good results. In this tutorial, I want to share my process for printing from DxO PhotoLab 6. I’ll also explain exactly what you need to do to print your photos with accurate colours. And by accurate colours, I mean ...
What You Should Know About DxO PhotoLab Soft Proofing

What You Should Know About DxO PhotoLab Soft Proofing

Soft Proofing in DxO PhotoLab is relatively new, and I seem to get a disproportionately high number of questions about it. So in this article, I want to explain what it is and how you can use it to produce accurate prints of your photos. I’ll also explain some of the common mistakes when Soft Proofing and how to avoid ...
Top Tips for better DxO Photolab Colours video

How To Use the DxO PhotoLab Color Rendering

When DxO released PhotoLab 6, they included a new Wide Gamut Color Space. Since then, I’ve received a lot of questions about this, and PhotoLab colour handling in general. In this article, I’ll try to answer these and provide a framework you can use when editing colour photography ...
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New Features Reviewed in the Latest DxO PhotoLab 6 Release

As I begin to write this review, it’s been almost 19 hours since DxO released PhotoLab 6. I usually try to produce a PhotoLab review ahead of the software going on general release, but this time there wasn’t a beta version available. Instead, I downloaded my copy at the same time as everyone else and spent the first 8 hours ...
DxO PhotoLab and PureRAW Colour Shift Problem

Why I See a Colour Shift Using DxO PhotoLab & PureRAW

I’ve recently been approached by several people, experiencing the same issue with two DxO products so I decided it’s time for an article. The problem is a colour shift they see after processing a RAW file using either DxO PhotoLab or DxO PureRAW with Lightroom ...
Brilliant Editing with DxO PhotoLab 5 Control Lines

Brilliant Editing with DxO PhotoLab 5 Control Lines

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use the DxO PhotoLab Control Lines feature. Control Lines are a new feature introduced in PhotoLab 5. Control Lines are one of the Local Adjustment tools. If you’re already a DxO PhotoLab user, you’ve probably used the Graduated Filter tool in the past. Other editing packages like Lightroom also offer similar tools ...

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