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Soft Proofing in Lightroom

What is Soft Proofing in Lightroom In my printing tutorials, I strongly recommend the process of soft proofing using Adobe Lightroom. If you’re now asking yourself “what is soft proofing in Lightroom”, this tutorial will explain what you need to know. What is Soft Proofing Soft Proofing is a process where you simulate using software how your photo will look ...
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Create Custom Lightroom Profiles

How to Create Custom Lightroom Profiles

How to Create Custom Lightroom Profiles Have you ever wanted to create custom Lightroom profiles for your camera? Perhaps you have seen the excellent film profiles that ship with the Fuji cameras and want something similar for your camera. Have seen some of the bespoke profiles that ship with some Lightroom presets and want to replicate these? Perhaps you’re curious ...
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Installing camera profiles in lightroom

Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom

Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom for Windows and Mac Installing camera profiles in Lightroom can be tricky and frustrating. It’s difficult to know exactly where to install the profiles and if they don’t work, the process can leave you scratching your head. In this video, we cut through the confusion and show you where to place your bespoke camera profiles ...
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what is Lightroom Soft proofing article image

Lightroom Soft Proofing

Lightroom Soft Proofing Soft proofing is a technique used to evaluate how an image will appear once printed and make any changed necessary so that the print will appear as intended. It’s also the source of a lot of confusion. I regularly receive emails from people having difficulty in achieving prints that match what they see on their computer. In ...
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Selecting a custom printer profile in Lightroom

What Printer Profile Should I Use

What Printer Profile Should I Use If you came to this tutorial because you were searching for an answer to the question “what printer profile should I use”, it's likely that you are not entirely familiar with printer profiles (also sometimes referred to as ICC Profiles) and how they work. What follows should help. When you print a photograph there ...
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Preview scan with calibration overlay lined up

VueScan Scanner Calibration

VueScan Scanner Calibration In this tutorial I will explain how you can use VueScan to calibrate your scanner and produce a bespoke film ICC profile. This will improve the accuracy of your colour film scanning. It’s something a specialist will charge you a lot of money for, but with a little knowledge and a few tools you can easily do ...
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Soft Proofing mode in Lightroom

My Prints Don’t Match my Screen

Help, My Prints Don't Match my Screen I often get contacted by photographers frustrated and complaining "my inkjet prints don't match my screen display". Sometimes they have spent significant sums of money having prints made and when they receive them from the printer they look dreadful. Sometimes it might be the fault of the printer but in most cases the ...
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