Make Organising Photos easy on your pc or mac tutorial main image

Make Organising Photos Easy on Your PC or Mac

Make Organising Photos Easy on Your PC or Mac In this tutorial I want to help you with the task of organising your photos. This can seem like an uphill challenge as we are all taking many more photos than ever before. It’s also a problem that creeps up on you. Initially you don’t think there’s a problem but then ...
Lightroom Preferences dialog

Backing up Lightroom Presets

Backing up Lightroom Presets When people talk about backing up Lightroom they immediately think about the Lightroom Catalogue. This is understandable given the catalogue is home to a lot of the work you do with your images. Lightroom even has an automated backup facility for the catalogue which can be set to create a backup on certain events or at ...
Keywording in Lightroom

Keywording in Lightroom

Keywording in Lightroom Before we jump into Lightroom and start adding keywords I need to say a few things up front: Keywording isn’t fun. I have yet to meet a photographer who enjoys this exercise but where people do agree is that keywording is essential, especially if you have a sizable collection of images. Keywording can be incredibly time consuming ...

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