How To Create a Greeting Card Template Using Affinity Photo

Make Your Own Greeting Card Template Using Affinity Photo

I was recently asked how to design a greeting card template using Affinity Photo. As many photographers want to do this, I thought it would make an ideal tutorial to share ...
How To Blur the Background in Affinity Photo

How To Blur The Background In Affinity Photo

In this tutorial, we look at three steps to blur the background of a photo using Affinity Photo. The starting image below features two people against a slightly blurred background ...
Focus Stacking In Affinity Photo Video Thumbnail

Focus Stacking In Affinity Photo

Focus stacking is a photographic technique combining multiple images into a single photo. It’s used when a single image can’t capture sufficient depth of field and so doesn’t appear sharp throughout the frame. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use Affinity Photo’s Photo Merge feature to automate focus stacking ...
Creating Abstract Art From Photo using Affinity Photo

Creating Abstract Art From Photos Using Affinity Photo

A subscriber recently asked me how to copy an effect to produce abstract art from photos, using Affinity Photo. When I looked at his examples, they appeared to use double or multiple exposures. Some also used textures blended into the image. While the double exposure effect can be created in the camera, the Texture blending must be done in an ...
How To Create An Affinity Photo Template For Photography

How To Create An Affinity Photo Template For Photography

In this tutorial, I explain how to create an Affinity Photo Template to layout photography. Recently, a Lenscraft newsletter subscriber contacted me. They wanted to switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, but one thing was preventing them. They used a layout like the one below for their photography and needed to be able to recreate this. In Photoshop they had ...
Affinity Photo Luts for seriously good color grading

Using Affinity Photo LUTs for Great Landscape Colour Grading

LUTs are used a lot by the Movie Industry to add atmosphere to a film. I’m sure that you’ve seen the green, dark tint used by films like The Matrix. This process is known as Colour Grading and is typically done using LUTs or colour lookup tables. LUTs are also great for Colour Grading photos and are often used to ...

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