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Book Reviews

If you are serious about developing your photography you will need to read and research material from a variety of books and sources. In my experience there are a lot of poor books on which to waste your money but there are also some excellent ones. This section lists some of the books I have found useful in my journey as a photographer. I have tried to list them in categories and provide an experience level to help you evaluate if they are right for you.

Should you decide to purchase a listed book, please consider using the Amazon link. This won't cost you anything additional but the link earns me a commission, helping cover the cost of running this site.

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Photography Location Guides

These guide books provide you with valuable, often critical information to help you shoot at new locations. Find the best spots at the right time and get the iconic shots. These books can condense a lifetimes experience into a couple of hundred pages. Photographic location guide books should be considered an essential accessory.


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