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This comprehensive and easy to follow book will teach you the core features of the powerful photo editing software. With step-by-step instructions and exercises, you’ll learn features in the correct order without wasting valuable time.

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Each of the 25 chapters of this book explains a different area of Affinity Photo. It links what might seem unrelated activities together, to build your understanding and editing skills in Affinity Photo. Can be used with Affinity Photo v1 and v2.

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The Smartest Way to Learn Affinity Photo Desktop

Now also available for Affinity Photo 2 in the Lenscraft Store.

If you’re reading this, you are probably facing the same problem shared by many thousands of Affinity Photo owners. You bought a great value license and then discovered it’s not as easy to learn as some people claim. Had you asked me, I would say Affinity Photo is difficult to use, probably even on a par with Photoshop. After launching the software and opening a photo to edit, nothing happens. There are no clues or prompts as to what to do next. The software just sits there whilst you wonder what to do next.

Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps if you persevere for long enough, you might find the Adjustments but many of those don’t make any sense when you are new. Perhaps you came across the Filters or even the Live Filters but then couldn’t decide which to use. Even when you begin to make understand these tools, you still need to know how to combine them. Even something as basic as removing an unwanted object from an image can leave you scratching your head for hours.

Faced with these problems you might find yourself turning to YouTube for help. Whilst there are many videos (including some of my own), watching them can eat up a lot of time. They also don’t help you learn how to use Affinity Photo, rather they are about individual tasks or activities.

But please don’t give up because I can help you as I have helped thousands of others with the challenge of learning Affinity Photo.

What you need when learning to use Affinity Photo is a system of editing you can apply to improve any photograph. This is why I wrote the Essential Affinity Photo book. It explains the essential parts of Affinity Photo that combine into a simple system of photo editing.

Perhaps you’ve attempted to learn Affinity Photo in the past and failed? You may even have made some progress before hitting a brick wall and giving up in frustration. If this is you, I promise you, this time things will be different and you will be able to learn Affinity Photo.

In this comprehensive, easy to follow book, I’ll explain the core features of Affinity Photo Desktop using understandable language. You will learn only what you need to know and in the correct order. Many of the tools and features in Affinity Photo build on each other. There’s no point trying to learn advanced techniques before you have the basics. It simply won’t make sense if you do that.

Essential Affinity Photo is arranged into a series of lessons focussing on the essential image editing skills and techniques. You won’t waste time learning things that aren’t important. Each lesson builds on the previous ones, minimising repetition and saving you valuable time. It also means you don’t try to learn advanced techniques before you are ready.

Throughout the book you’ll find plenty of examples and exercises to follow and links to some of my YouTube videos. You can even download the photos from my Lenscraft website to follow along on your own computer. These exercises help you remember the key elements from each lesson. You will quickly find yourself able to understand how to use Affinity Photo and its tools.

Some of What You Will Learn

  • The Affinity Photo user interface and how to avoid becoming confused.
  • Working with the Healing and Cloning tools to remove unwanted objects from a scene.
  • Understand how layers are the backbone of the Photo Persona and how to use them in your photo editing.
  • Controlling colour and tone using the powerful Levels and Curves adjustments.
  • Using layer masks to precisely target adjustments onto precise areas of an image​.
  • Sharpening images as well as other techniques like Dodging & Burning and converting colour images to black and white.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Frequent Questions

Do I need a Kindle or eReader?

No, you don't need to buy a Kindle or eReader device to read these books. All that you need is free eReader software and there's a large choice. If you are an Apple user, you can use the Books app that comes with every Apple computer, iPad and iPhone. Your book is then uploaded to the Apple cloud and shared across all your Apple devices.

If you are a Windows PC user there is a wide range of free eReader applications. Personally I like the free Kindle software. It has great features and is available for Apple, Windows and Android devices.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you in full. You can contact me by email using [email protected] and no I won't be offended. It will help me though if you can say why you want a refund so I can improve my books and service.

Which format should I buy?

I now offer my books in two formats which are PDF and ePub. Older books are also offered in the proprietary Kindle Mobi format, but Amazon has now retired this and adopted ePub instead.

ePub is by far the best format for reading books as it supports many features like being able to change text size to make it easier to read. In contrast, PDF is better for layout and printing pages or sections of a book.

When purchasing a book, choose the format you would like using the dropdown. I recommend purchasing the "All" format option where possible as this will give the greatest flexibility for the future.

Can I print the book?

Yes you can.

Whilst you can purchase most of my books as paperback from Amazon, I know some people only want to  print a page or section. The PDF version of the book is great for this and there are no restrictions provided that it's for your own personal use. You can even print the entire book if you like, although with the cost of ink it may be cheaper to buy the paperback.

Can I read the book on multiple devices?


You can have your book on as many devices and computers as you like and make copies provided that it's for your own use.

How do I get my book onto my Kindle?

Amazon has a service which you can use to email books you purchase to your Kindle library. These are then available on your Kindle reader or software. Amazon has a lot help on their website about the Send to Kindle service.

But Send to Kindle isn't the only option Amazon offers. You can read about others in the Help pages of the Amazon website.

Being new to photo editing I was so impressed with the layout of the book and the way it linked to the sample images that are included. Alongside the You Tube videos it helped me so much begin to understand the many possibilities of editing with Affinity Photo.

Peter Maddern

It concentrates on the functions of Affinity of most use to the photographer aiming to develop the impact of their work. It simplifies a work flow through the personas to ensure this process is easy to understand and apply.

Charles Brown

Being new to Affinity Photo I found myself struggling quite a bit in learning the various tools in the program. I also had problems with learning how to effectively use Masking and Dodging & Burning to improve my photos.

I found this book to be thorough as well as easy to understand and follow along. I really appreciate the great illustrations through out the book. I have recommended “Essential Affinity Photo” to family and friends and would recommend it for anyone new to Affinity Photo or just needing help in understanding and using the program. Affinity Photo is a very powerful program and once you learn and understand how to use the many tools and processes available, you will will feel confident working on your photos.

James Lingenfelter

Well written, my issue was the software, which I didn’t get on with! Good style, clear prose and quality images (what else!).


After buying Affinity Photo some while back and not really getting to grips with it I bought Essential Affinity Photo produced by Robin Whalley. Reading the EAP Tutorial book in accompaniment with demonstration images provided by Robin I feel I have come along in leaps and bounds with Affinity. I am now able to progress further using Affinity Photo in conjunction with the other software that I use.

I recommend Essential Affinity Photo to those photographers wanting to gain a quick understanding of the operational functionality of Affinity Photo.

David Williamson

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