The Creative Digital Darkroom, Katrin Eismann & Sean Duggan

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The Creative Digital Darkroom, Katrin Eismann & Sean Duggan

When I wrote my first review of this book I had only just purchased the book and started to dip into the chapters. Now a few years on I have read it a number of times and I’m not going to change my review score.

The content is excellent and all the topics are very well explained. The material is accessible although you will need to be at an intermediate level with Photoshop to gain the most value. The techniques discussed are clearly explained and are of a very professional nature. I have even adopted a number of techniques which I continue to use regularly within my own editing workflow.

If you can learn and apply everything in these pages you will be a very competent Photoshop artist indeed. This is a classic.

Personal rating 10/10

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