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Revealing the Powerful Photoshop Masking techniques of the professional image editor!

In this clearly explained book, I reveal a powerful collection of Photoshop techniques. Tools enabling you to create complex and impressive photography in minutes. You don’t need to spend hours in Photoshop once you understand a few simple techniques.

Photoshop masks are one of the most powerful and flexible editing tools you can use. They make possible complex adjustments, adjustments that can transform a photograph. Take the cover of this book for example. The image was taken in the middle of the day. And yet it’s been transformed into a moody nigh time scene. All of this was achieved using masks and is explained in the book step by step for you to follow.

The complex subject of Photoshop masking has been distilled into this easy to use book. Featuring many examples, you can follow along using the actual image files supplied for you to download.

Cut through the hype and confusion circulating on the internet and learn Photoshop masking.

Even if you have tried to before and struggled, Mastering Photoshop Masks can help you.

Some of What You Will Learn:

  • Produce detailed and complex masks in minutes not hours.
  • Make complex selections using the latest Photoshop CC tools as well as traditional techniques.
  • Create detailed Channel Masks, allowing you to seamlessly replace a boring sky​.

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Like all of Robin Whalley books this is just another great addition to any photographers library. Primarily written for Photoshop users with a degree of understanding their way around the program. Following this books you quickly learn how to create masks and how to work with masks effectively. As I do a lot of texture blending, masks are essential for me to improve and present my work. professionally.This book teaches you how to identify the best technique to apply and how to produce good masks easily. Well written with downloadable content to follow along with. Comprehensive without confusing you. An invaluable addition to Essential Photoshop and Photoshop Layers.

Dave Munn

Masking has always been a difficult area for me, only because I’ve not really studied the process in depth; your book has allowed me to do just that. A lengthy, but much appreciated, Introduction, sets out your philosophy very clearly, and I was particularly taken with the phrase ‘There is a wide gap between knowing something and being able to apply that knowledge in a practical situation.’ I’ve been guilty too many times of following a comprehensive list of instructions, arriving at the correct outcome, and foolishly (or conceitedly!) thinking ‘I can do that now.’ How wrong I was!

I like your simple, easy-to-understand approach, with diagrams and information at every step.
Masking is now a much simpler process for me, but I continue to learn!

Thank you.

Gerry Cartwright

This is one of several books by Robin Whalley I have used. I find these publications to be highly valuable because of the logical presentation of the material and the clarity of the instructions. Using the text and sample images, it is very easy to understand and master new skills. The organization is also easily searchable and make excellent references when needed.

Norma Stiglich

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