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Have you noticed how some photographs just look better?

Some years back, I began seeing wonderful landscape photos that stood out from the crowd. Although I couldn’t understand why, I knew the light, colour and saturation looked better than in other photos. Not only that, but the editing appeared totally natural.

After painstaking investigation, I learned that many of these photographs were produced using a technique called Luminosity Masking. There wasn’t much information about, but I eventually pieced together how it was done and started using the techniques myself. Now I’m sharing this so that every photographer can benefit from what I’ve learned.

In this comprehensive workbook, you will learn the photo editing skills required to produce beautiful photography. With step-by-step instruction and practical examples, everything is explained in full. Best of all, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to use it.

Some of What You Will Learn…

  • Easily produce Luminosity Masks to work with the tones and colours in any image.
  • Apply photo editing corrections to achieve exceptional results.
  • Seamlessly blend adjustments without creating harsh transitions or artifacts.
  • Blend multiple exposures to produce beautiful light in your photos.

This is a step-by-step guide to improving the quality of your photography using Photoshop. It’s packed with examples and exercises, and you can download the sample files to follow along on your own computer.

Get it now to begin benefiting from the power of Luminosity Masks.

Frequent Questions

Do I need a Kindle or eReader?

No, you don't need to buy a Kindle or eReader device to read these books. All that you need is free eReader software and there's a large choice. If you are an Apple user, you can use the Books app that comes with every Apple computer, iPad and iPhone. Your book is then uploaded to the Apple cloud and shared across all your Apple devices.

If you are a Windows PC user there is a wide range of free eReader applications. Personally I like the free Kindle software. It has great features and is available for Apple, Windows and Android devices.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you in full. You can contact me by email using [email protected] and no I won't be offended. It will help me though if you can say why you want a refund so I can improve my books and service.

Which format should I buy?

I now offer my books in two formats which are PDF and ePub. Older books are also offered in the proprietary Kindle Mobi format, but Amazon has now retired this and adopted ePub instead.

ePub is by far the best format for reading books as it supports many features like being able to change text size to make it easier to read. In contrast, PDF is better for layout and printing pages or sections of a book.

When purchasing a book, choose the format you would like using the dropdown. I recommend purchasing the "All" format option where possible as this will give the greatest flexibility for the future.

Can I print the book?

Yes you can.

Whilst you can purchase most of my books as paperback from Amazon, I know some people only want to  print a page or section. The PDF version of the book is great for this and there are no restrictions provided that it's for your own personal use. You can even print the entire book if you like, although with the cost of ink it may be cheaper to buy the paperback.

Can I read the book on multiple devices?


You can have your book on as many devices and computers as you like and make copies provided that it's for your own use.

How do I get my book onto my Kindle?

Amazon has a service which you can use to email books you purchase to your Kindle library. These are then available on your Kindle reader or software. Amazon has a lot help on their website about the Send to Kindle service.

But Send to Kindle isn't the only option Amazon offers. You can read about others in the Help pages of the Amazon website.

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