Marketing Fine Art Photography, Alain Briot

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Marketing Fine Art Photography, Alain Briot

As the title suggests this rather comprehensive book is all about marketing fine art photography in order to generate an income from your work. It’s quite a large format and very comprehensive. In the past I have read other books by Alain Briot but have felt they left me a little lacking in the practical aspects of how to apply the information. This book is completely different and is very practical in its orientation.

I should also point out that I am now on my second reading of the book. The first time I read it, I didn’t really “read it” and at that point I would have given the book 7/10. On this second review I am taking my time to read the book slowly and think about its sections. For example, it’s taken me a few days to read the section on “What Makes Fine Art Photography” as I paused to make notes, contemplate and think about my own work. The result is almost like peeling away the layers of an onion. Each time I think I am going deeper there is another layer uncovered.

There are only really two downsides I see to this book and hence the 9/10 rating. The first is that the book is geared towards working the American market. I fear the UK market is different and perhaps harder to crack with less acceptance of photography as art. Everyone in the UK seems to think they are a photographer because they have a camera and can produce great work because it’s an expensive camera. The other aspect is that the book presents Alain’s approach as being the only way to do it; this might not be for you. Despite this the book is packed with sound business advice for photographers.

A great book for those interested in generating income from Photography.

Personal rating 9/10

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