Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial

The Photoshop Quick Mask mode can be a little intimidating when first used. You click the Quick Mask mode icon at the bottom of the tools panel and nothing happens. If you then try to paint or draw on your image, areas start to turn red as Photoshop creates its mask. It really can be difficult to figure out what’s happening or how to use the Quick Mask mode.

Despite this apparent poor usability, the Photoshop Quick Mask mode is a very flexible and useful tool. If you are not familiar with more complex masking techniques, or happy to edit masks directly you may find painting in the Quick Mask mode easier.

In this video tutorial I will demonstrate an easy way to use the Photoshop Quick Mask mode. This example demonstrates how you can use the Gradient Tool in Photoshop to select and darken a sky that's too light. It will work with any version of Photoshop that have the Quick Mask tool including the latest CC versions.

Photoshop Quick Mask Video

If after watching the video you have any questions about using the Quick Mask mode, please post them in the comments below. I often use questions as the basis for new videos and articles.

More Photoshop Masking

Even having watched the video it’s possible you remain unsure about using the Photoshop Quick Mask mode. This often happens when people are new to using masks in Photoshop. For an easy to understand primer see my Introduction to Photoshop Masks tutorial.

If you want to further develop your skills with masks, I would suggest reading my book Mastering Photoshop Masks. This provides an easy to read resource for learning more advanced techniques like Luminosity Masking and Channel masking. It’s also packed with examples to help you learn and develop your skills.


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