Correcting the Nik Brush Tool Problem with Photoshop Actions

If you use the Nik Collection within Photoshop, I’m sure you will have seen the Tools Panel. This is found at the bottom of the Selective Tool and aims to help you make selective changes. Unfortunately, a problem seems to have crept in with the Brush Tool. Now when you try to use these tools, a message is displayed twice advising you are using the tools. This is then repeated each time you complete a brush stroke, making the tools unusable.

The idea behind the Brush or Paint tool is that it makes it easier for you to work with masks. You apply your adjustments as usual but use the Brush button rather than the OK button to complete your edits and return to Photoshop. This creates a new layer and then adds a layer mask filled with black, hiding the layer. At the same time, the brush tool in Photoshop is activated and set to paint with white paint. You can now paint on the layer mask to reveal areas of the layer. This has been a useful feature for many years and now frustratingly, it’s unusable.

In this video, I show you how you can work around the problem of the Brush Tool message in the Nik Selective Tool using Actions. By recording Photoshop Actions, you can replicate the features of the Tools section of the Selective Tool. I show the two main actions in the video but don’t let this stop you from creating others.


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