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YouTube Supporting Image Files

The following files are provided to support image editing videos I’ve published on YouTube. You are granted the right to use these files for personal editing practice only. Do not distribute or use them for other purposes. The images are protected by Copyright and must not be used in full or part without prior written agreement.

Thanks for your understanding.

Landscape Photo Editing & Composition

YouTube Peak District MIllstone Editing Videos

peak district millstones part 4 affinity photo special effects

Download the image file in DNG format.

Landscape Photo Editing & Composition

YouTube The Missing Link Video

You Tube Composition Video 3

Download the image file in DNG format.

Fuji RAW Converter Shootout

YouTube Video Supporting Files

Download the high resolution JPEG samples from the video to compare the image quality.

Fuji RAW File Converter Shootout

Download the processed image examples.

Affinity Photo Tutorials

YouTube Video Supporting File

Download the RAW file to follow along with the Affinity Photo Tutorials video series.

Affinity Photo Tutorials

Download the image file (Fuji RAF) format.

Avoiding Halos Tutorial

YouTube Video Supporting File

Sharpening wedge to demonstrate the effect of sharpening controls.

Avoid Sharpening Halos

Download the image file (JPEG) format.

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