Affinity Photo Tutorials

Are you new to Affinity and want to learn how to use it? Then watch my special learn Affinity Photo video tutorial series before reading the more advanced tutorials found here.

If you have more experience using Affinity Photo then the tutorials on this page can help you tackle more advanced problems. You will find all kinds of tutorials dealing with many of the common tasks Affinity Photo users face. Be sure to use the “load more” option below the list as there are a lot of Affinity Photo tutorials on this site.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact me. I get most of my tutorial ideas from visitor requests.

Finished effect showing the coffe beans image inside the text

How to Put an Image Inside Text Using Affinity Photo

In this tutorial, I will show you how to put an image inside text using Affinity Photo. This is a ...
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How to make selections in affinity photo title image and video

How to Make Selections in Affinity Photo

The ability to create accurate selections in an image is an important skill for photo editing. Selections allow you to ...
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How to use the selection brush tool in affinity photo title image

How to Use the Selection Brush Tool in Affinity Photo

A common photo editing task is selecting an area of a photo to adjust, without affecting the rest of the ...
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How to add fog in Affinity Photo thumbnail

How to Add Fog to a Photo in Affinity Photo

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to add fog to a photograph using Affinity Photo. After all, trying to capture ...
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Wide angle perspective using the Affinity Photo Liquify filter

Enhancing Landscapes with the Affinity Photo Liquify Filter

In this article, we look at editing your landscape photography using a couple of tools in the Affinity Photo Liquify ...
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Learn Affinity Photo Video Demystifying Affinity Photo

Introduction to Learning Affinity Photo

When I first began using Affinity Photo, I had the advantage of almost 20 years of Photoshop use, but even ...
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