Affinity Photo Tutorials for Photo Editing

If you’re new to Affinity Photo and want to learn how to use it, start here. This page has a series of Affinity Photo tutorials. They take a beginner, with little knowledge or experience, and help them become confident in editing photos with Affinity Photo.

Watch these videos as a series and in the order they appear below. Think of them as a short course in how to use Affinity Photo. If you watch them out of order it might hinder your progress in a later tutorial. Also, be sure not to miss any of the tutorials, even if you think you already know the topic I’m presenting. I often include information that you might not have come across before.

You will also find these videos on my YouTube channel. I publish a new video every week, often based on requests from subscribers. That’s how this Affinity Photo series came about. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel using this link.

Affinity Photo Tutorial Series

Below are the six videos tutorials in the order you should view them. Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive series covering everything. It’s intended to help you understand the software and become comfortable using it. If you want more detailed instruction, I’m currently developing a book and video course designed to help Photographers master the software. Sign up to my newsletter and I will let you know when I release them.

1. Making Sense of Affinity Photo Desktop

In this tutorial, we examine the whole of Affinity Photo. We especially look at the dynamic features of the software which change depending on what you’re doing. When I talk to people trying to learn Affinity Photo, this is one area where many have problems. It can be very confusing until someone explains what’s happening.

If you want to download the RAW file used in this series of tutorials join Lenscraft. Lenscraft is free and brings many benefits including free photography guides and book/course discounts.

2. Introducing the Develop Persona

The Develop Persona is one of the most important modules in Affinity Photo for the Photographer. It’s intended to help you edit and correct photography before you add any special effects. It’s also the only place you can edit a RAW file in Affinity. This tutorial gives a guided tour of its many features.

3. Deep Dive into the Develop Persona & RAW Converter

In the previous video we looked at the Develop Persona in Affinity. This tutorial takes you much deeper into the editing of photos and RAW files. Be sure to download the accompanying RAW file if you haven’t already.

4. Master Using Layers & Filters

Layers and Filters are some of the most powerful editing features of the Photo Persona. This tutorial helps you understand how to unlock their power when editing your photos. You will also learn how the Live Filters differ from standard Filters and when you might want to use them.

5. Luminosity Masks Made Easy

Luminosity Masking is a hot topic in photography editing but creating a Luminosity Mask can be quite challenging. In this tutorial we look at how you can easily create and control a Luminosity Mask in Affinity Photo.

6. Export Persona Features You Don’t Know

Once you’ve finished editing your photos, you need to export them from Affinity Photo. If you only save them, you create an Affinity format file that only Affinity can read. But exporting a photo from Affinity Photo is easy. There’s a simple menu option, which is what most people use. Why then did Affinity go to the trouble of creating the Export Persona? In this video tutorial I’m going to show you why and explain some of the amazing features hidden there.


I hope you’ve enjoyed and found value in this Affinity Photo tutorial series. I produced it as a response to a direct request from Lenscraft Members. If you have an idea or a need for a tutorial, please let me know. You can reach me by email using the form on the Contact page of Lenscraft.

Remember, most of what I produce is in response to requests from photographers just like you.

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