Affinity Photo Tutorials

Are you new to Affinity and want to learn how to use it? Then watch my special learn Affinity Photo video tutorial series before reading the more advanced tutorials found here.

If you have more experience using Affinity Photo then the tutorials on this page can help you tackle more advanced problems. You will find all kinds of tutorials dealing with many of the common tasks Affinity Photo users face. Be sure to use the “load more” option below the list as there are a lot of Affinity Photo tutorials on this site.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact me. I get most of my tutorial ideas from visitor requests.

Remove People from images in Affinity Photo video and title image

3 Easy Affinity Photo Tools For Removing People from Photos

In this tutorial, we look at three easy tools for removing people from photos using only Affinity Photo. Today everywhere ...
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Simple way to make luminosity masks in affinity photo

Two Simple Techniques for Creating Luminosity Masks in Affinity Photo

In the past, I’ve produced tutorials and videos trying to help with this problem. Whilst they work, they aren’t always ...
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Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Affinity video thumbnail and title image

Affinity Photo Keyboard Shortcuts and Custom Shortcuts

In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing what I consider to be my essential Affinity Photo keyboard shortcuts. In addition to ...
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Color Grading photography using Levels in Affinity Photo video and title image

Colour Grading Photography with Levels in Affinity Photo

Colour Grading (or should I say Color Grading?) is a technique you can apply to photography and videos to change ...
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How to remove a tripod shadow using Affinity Photo title image

How to Remove a Tripod Shadow Using Affinity Photo

We’ve all had that experience of finding a great composition with beautiful light, only to have our shadow fill the ...
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Is Affinity Photo Easy to Use title image

Is Affinity Photo Easy to Use?

In recent years, Affinity Photo has captured many once dedicated Photoshop users. But there are still many people who are ...
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