Adobe Lightroom Tutorials for Photographers

Although Adobe Lightroom is easier to learn than Adobe Photoshop, it’s still be demanding. That’s why I’ve published a series of high-quality Adobe Lightroom Tutorials, specifically written for photographers. Using this page, you’re able to browse all the Lightroom tutorials on Lenscraft in date order, based on the publishing date. I’m adding and updating these tutorials on a regular basis as Adobe release new features, so be sure to bookmark the page.

My simple approach to sharpening photos for print title image

My Simple Approach to Sharpening Photos for Print

In this article, I want to share my simple approach to sharpening photos for print. Actually, I have two approaches ...
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Integrating DxO PhotoLab and Lightroom video image

Integrating DxO PhotoLab and Lightroom

Recently I posted a video explaining how to replace DxO PureRAW with DxO Photolab. As part of this I looked ...
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How to crop in Lightroom title image

How to Crop in Lightroom

One of the most common photo editing tasks is cropping and it sounds easy. After all, photo editors like Lightroom ...
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Lightroom set exact size of print title image

How to Set an Exact Print Size in Lightroom

You have a great photo that you want to print in Lightroom, but you can’t seem to print it at ...
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Using Lightroom print to jpeg title image

Using the Lightroom Print to JPEGFeature

In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to use the Lightroom Print to JPEG feature in the Print Module ...
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Image Sharpening with Lightroom

Image Sharpening with Lightroom

In this tutorial, we look at how to sharpen photos in Lightroom. But before we examine the sharpening controls Lightroom ...
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