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Photography Tutorials

Photography can be a complex undertaking and with the large range of software currently on the market to serve photographers it's becoming increasingly complex. My aim for the Lenscraft website is that it becomes a free and valuable source of photography tutorials and advice for those seeking to develop their photography skills. Here you will find a selection of tutorials I have written to help you achieve better results faster in your photography.

Whilst I am always adding new material and tutorials to Lenscraft, the majority is located in the members area. You can register to be a member for free to gain immediate access using the link above.

And if you can't find what you want, contact me as I am always seeking new ideas for future tutorials.

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On1 Masking Tools Explained

On1 Masking Tools Explained Following my recent demonstration on YouTube of the On1 Photo RAW editor, I have received a lot of questions. Most of these are relating to the On1 Masking Tools; what are the sliders doing, how do they work and how do I know...

Photo Backup Workflow Ideas

Time flies much faster than we think. Ask me how long I’ve been shooting digital and I would say 10 years. When I checked, it’s over 15 years. And in that time, I’ve built up a huge catalogue with hundreds of thousands of images. That’s a significant investment in...

Transform a Dull Scene with Nik Color Efex Pro

Transform a Dull Scene with Nik Color Efex Pro In this video I demonstrate how you can transform a dull scene with Nik Color Efex Pro. The transcript for the video is also included below. Video Transcript Hello, I’m Robin Whalley and welcome to Lenscraft....

Micro Four Thirds Landscape Photography

Micro Four Thirds Landscape Photography From time to time I explore how some of the visitors to Lenscraft find me. Often this reveals problems people have, giving me ideas for articles and tutorials. One forum discussion (argument) appearing regularly is...

Why I Switched to Kase Wolverine Filters

I have been using filters in my landscape photography for the past 15 years. They are an essential part of my equipment despite all the advances in digital photography. Yes, it’s possible to combine multiple exposures in software but there are significant...

Inkjet Paper for Photo Printing

Selecting Inkjet Paper for Photo Printing Let’s face it the cost of inkjet printing isn’t cheap. But being able to print your photos can bring pleasure and add an extra dimension to your photography. Often, it’s only when you hold the finish printing your...

How to Download Kindle Book Updates

From time to time I publish revisions and corrections to my books on Amazon. Sometimes I even publish completely new editions, which I make available for free if you bought an earlier edition. As some people experience difficulties obtaining Kindle book updates I...

Essential Camera Filters for Landscape Photography

As a Landscape Photographer, I regularly use filters in my work and believe these tools are an essential accessory. But let’s be clear, when I talk about camera filters, I’m referring to the filters you attach to the front of your lens. These filters are not special...

Introduction to Layer Masks in Photoshop

Introduction to Layer Masks in Photoshop Those new to editing often find layer masks in Photoshop very confusing and difficult to learn. When I first encountered masks it took me several months before I understood what was happening. Most of the information available...

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