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WOW! Frequency Equalizer 2 Released

One of my favourite Photoshop plugins has received a makeover. If you’ve never used it, WOW! Frequency Equalizer helps you create frequency separations. When you create a frequency separation you separate the detail in an image (high-frequency information) from the colour (low-frequency information). You can then use this with retouching tools like the cloning and healing brush to make very clean and precise adjustments. But you can also do so much more.

The beauty of WOW! Frequency Equalizer is that it allows you to take Frequency Separation to an entirely new level. You can use it very simply to create beautiful effects and apply them directly to an image. Alternatively, you can produce a separation with five separate frequency ranges, each controlled by a slider.

But that’s the old version of the plug-in. With the new version you can still do these things, but you can also do a simple decomposition. This separates the colour and detail information based on a frequency level 0f your choice. It’s like the traditional approach to frequency separation that photo re-touchers have used for years.

Possibly the best new feature in the software though is the Custom Preset. Both the old and new version of the software came with proven presets to adjust the frequency sliders. Now you also have a Custom Preset where you can create your own custom adjustment. Not only do you get control over the strength of each frequency slider but also over the frequency each slider represents.

Unfortunately, the new approach to presents has meant removing a couple of quite nice presets from the interface. To compensate for this, you can find the details of how to recreate these presets in the user guide.

The user guide is something else that’s received a makeover. Not only to cover the new version but it’s also expanded to contain some very useful examples. This makes working with the WOW! Frequency Equalizer 2 much easier.

If you purchased the first version of WOW! Frequency Equalizer on or after the 1st December 2018, the upgrade to the new version is free. But if you need to purchase the new version, you should be aware that it comes in two versions. There is the standard version but also a Pro version so be sure to read the website information to decide which is best for you.

If you do decide to purchase a copy of WOW! Frequency Equalizer consider purchasing the bundle which includes Mask Equalizer. It’s another very useful product from Know How Transfer that I use myself.

If you want to see WOW! Frequency Equalizer Pro 2 in action, here’s my video review.

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