Nik Collection 4.1 Release Addresses Bugs and Feedback

by Jul 8, 2021Photography Blog

Robin Whalley Landscape Photographer

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Nik Collection 4.1 Release Addresses Bugs and Feedback

Recently DxO launched the Nik Collection 4. This featured significant upgrades to both Viveza and Silver Efex Pro as well as several other enhancements. If you want to know more, I’ve included my original review video below.

My early impressions of the software were very favourable. The new interface in both Viveza 3 and Silver Efex Pro 3 was nice, and I liked many of the other new features. I was particularly impressed by the additional adjustment offered by the reworked Control Points in these applications. It’s now possible to adjust the Control Points sensitivity to both Luminance and Chrominance to improve selection precision.

Despite my positive thoughts about the software, all was not well. It quickly became apparent that some people were having issues with the interface speed and control point responsiveness. Whilst I hadn’t experienced these issues myself, I could see the feedback on the DxO Nik forum.

One bug that I did encounter soon after the release was when editing a large image with either Viveza 3 or Silver Efex 3 it would generate an error. After some testing, I identified a memory limit for the image size of 256Mb and images exceeding this caused an error.

Well, it looks like DxO has listened to their user community feedback and has moved (less than 30 days) to release Nik Collection 4.1. This addresses these and other problems that have been reported. Importantly, they have extended their launch discount until the end of July 2021. The special launch price is £88.99 instead of £133, and £54.99 instead of £69 for the upgrade.

As with all new software I would recommend you download the trial version (affiliate link) to check that you like it.

If you haven’t already seen my video review of the Nik Collection 4, be sure to watch it now.

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