New Photoshop Luminosity Masking Course

Want to achieve your best results when editing in Photoshop? Then Luminosity Masking is one of the most powerful techniques you should consider. Unfortunately, the subject can be more than a little confusing. There’s a lot of misinformation circulating that people are accepting as fact. That’s why I’ve launched my latest course “ThePhotographers Guide to Using Luminosity Masks”.

The course features more than 4.5 hours of HD video lessons. You can watch on any device with a modern web browser. And that includes tablets and mobile phones.

Photoshop Luminosity Mask Bundle

This is my second Luminosity Masking course. The first course, “Mastering Photoshop Luminosity Masks” was an introductory level course. It explained how to create a simple series of Lights, Darks and Midtone masks then automate the steps using Photoshop actions. It then demonstrated ways you could use these masks to edit images, including image blending and adding an Orton Effect. Understanding how to use and apply Luminosity Masking is something many people wanted to know more about. That’s why I developed the latest course.

What’s in the Course?

In my latest course, we concentrate on how to apply these techniques to all kinds of image editing. I’ve carefully designed and sequenced each lesson to help you learn. Accompanying the lessons are high-resolution images so you can follow on your own computer. The course also avoids the need to manually create your masks. Instead, it uses a free Photoshop plug-in you can download from the Adobe Exchange.

A common misconception about Luminosity Masking is that it’s all about exposure blending. My latest course does explain great ways to do this, but it explains many other ways to use the techniques. This includes:

  • Global and selective editing.
  • Painting through masks.
  • Combining masks.
  • Creating Colour, Saturation, Vibrancy, Tone and Edge Selection Masks.

You can use all these techniques to improve the quality of editing in Photoshop.

More about the Course

You can view the complete curriculum for the course on the enrolment page. There you can also watch three sample lessons. One lesson even explains how to download and use the free Luminosity Masking panel.

The Photographers Guide to Using Luminosity Masks is currently available (June 19) for only £30 plus any local taxes. You can also receive a bundled discount by purchasing both courses.

If you want to learn about Luminosity Masking in Photoshop, this bundle is one of the best value, most effective methods you could choose.

Photoshop Luminosity Masks

Two courses with over 5 hours of video lessons at an unbeatable discounted price. Everything you need to create stunning photography.

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