LowePro Adds New Camera Bags to the ProTactic Line

I’ve just seen an announcement that LowePro has added four new camera bags to their well respected ProTactic range. There are two top loaders, a messenger bag (for those of you who are younger than me) and a backpack. After looking at the new line-up there are a couple of these that interest me a lot.

My current main camera backpack is the Mindshift 26L backpack which I’ve been using for a couple of years and like a lot. But this isn’t the best camera backpack that I’ve used, and I do find it has some compromises. The best outright camera backpack for me was the old LowePro Mini Trekker.

I’ve owner a couple of Mini Trekkers over the years (eventually wearing them out) and they were brilliant. You could fit a considerable amount of equipment in the bag (given their small size) as well as lunch and it would all be easy to carry. Unfortunately, LowePro stopped making the Mini Trekker which is when I decided to try Mindshift.

LowePro Pro Tactic BP300 AWII

My reason for switching to the Mindshift rather than another LowePro bag was that I thought it would also allow me to carry my outdoor gear. Whilst it does, the space for this is a little limited, which is one of the compromises I mentioned above. I also find myself suffering from a bad back the day after using it if the walking has been rough. This has sparked my interest in the  LowePro ProTactic BP 300 AWII.

LowePro ProTactic BP 300 AWII camera bag

I’ve always found LowePro backpacks comfortable. They seem to spread the weight well and they sit close to the back. If the pack is too deep it tends to pull me backwards which is when my back suffers the next day. This is one reason why I end up carrying my tripod rather than mounting it on the rear of the pack. Interestingly the ProTactic BP 300 allows for side carrying of the tripod which is something I much prefer.

Another thing that I like about the design of the ProTactic BP300 is that it supports the accessibility to your equipment. It’s nice to be able to stand the pack up and then access your camera from either side. With the old Mini Trekker, I had to lie the pack down to unzip the front. If there was mud around (which is often the case) I would end up with a muddy back. The Mindshift I currently use is a little better, but I still need to lie the front of the back on the ground to access my equipment from the back. Side access makes a lot more sense to me and you only dirty the base of the pack.

LowePro ProTactic TLZ 70AW

The other bag I like in the new line-up is the ProTactic TLZ 70 AW Toploader.

LowePro ProTactic TLZ 70 AWII camera bag

I already use a LowePro Toploader regularly, but it is showing its age and needs replacing. I find this style of bag ideal when I am out walking with my camera in the mountains or on longer day walks. This is when I need to carry a full backpack with my outdoor equipment and perhaps a spare lens and filters. I then carry my camera in a top-loading shoulder bag which is comfortable and gives easy access to the camera without removing the backpack.

I’m hoping this bag will be a good size for my XT3 with the 18-135 lens and hood attached. But if you are a DSLR user and need more space for a longer lens, the bag also extends. There’s even the ProTactic TLZ 75 AW version which is a larger version of the bag.

You can find out more about the complete range of LowePro ProTactic bags on the LowePro website.

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