Exposure Software Launches Exposure X6

I’ve been using the Exposure X software for many years. In fact, it was from well before the company rebranded itself from Alien Skin and the software to Exposure X. I think I’ve now been through around 8 upgrades and the other day I purchased the latest to upgrade to Exposure X6.

Over these various upgrades I’ve seen the Exposure software evolve and become more refined. Exposure X6 is now at a stage where (in my opinion) it not only challenges Lightroom in areas like photo library management but beats it when it comes to editing.

Which brings me neatly to the first area of improvement in this release. Speed.

Exposure X6 Performance

Speed of processing is difficult to measure and compare with other photo editors, but it remains an important factor when editing. Ultimately, speed drives perception of how the software performs when editing. If the performance is poor you will notice, and the editing experience becomes frustrating.

I’m pleased to say that Exposure X6 not only claims performance improvements, but it appears to deliver on its claims. The software felt snappy and responsive whilst I was using it and there was little if any delay to the screen update when applying adjustments. Moving around the interface was also extremely easy and the software had a feeling of being a quality product.

The only criticism I have is that I would sometimes accidentally adjust sliders. I tend to use the trackpad on the top surface of my mouse to scroll but I was sometimes too near to a control when using this and it would adjust the control instead. I suspect with some research and configuration I could avoid this.

Exposure X6 Advanced Colour Editor

Probably the biggest new feature in Exposure X6 is the Advanced Colour Editor which you will find in the “Color” section of the Photo Editor.

Exposure X6 New Advanced Colour Editor

Launching a new colour editor appears to have become something of a trend in recent years among software companies. What makes this editor stand out for me is that Exposer appears to have paid attention to user feedback on some of their competitors. For example, although this is a global colour adjustment tool, it also features a mask brush to control the effect.

But what really impresses me is that way you can target the adjustment based on Hue, Saturation and Luminance. I haven’t seen anything comparable in any of their competitors at this time.

You can find all the features in Exposure X6 with new features identified on the Exposure Software website (affiliate link).

See Exposure X6 in Action

Initially, I was considering publishing a new feature review but then decided against it. Instead, I decided to create a video to demonstrate editing with Exposure X6.

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Is it Worth Upgrading to Exposure X6?

If you’re an existing Exposure user, the big question is should you bother with this upgrade. The answer to that really depends on a few things:

  • Which version do you currently have?
  • What do you think you would gain from upgrading?
  • Can you afford the upgrade cost/do you think it represents good value?

The only real way to answer these questions is to download the free Exposure trial and test it for yourself.

If you aren’t an existing Exposure user but want to move away from Adobe Lightroom, Exposure X6 could be an excellent choice. Again, I would encourage you to download the free trial of the software.

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