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Last week I announced the launch of my latest book Essential Affinity Photo on Amazon. This week I’m happy to share that you can now get Essential Affinity Photo in PDF format from my Lenscraft shop.

I’ve also created a free PDF sample of Essential Affinity Photo for you to download. This contains the introduction and first 15 pages of the book which explain the Affinity Photo Personas.

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Who’s Essential Affinity Photo For?

If you’ve been trying to learn to use the Affinity Photo software, you probably know there’s already a hefty Affinity Workbook available. Unfortunately, this is rather costly, assume a level of familiarity in using the software and is very heavy. Many people don’t want to wade through a book of this size. Also, the leap from simple to complex is quite huge in some chapters. That’s why I wrote Essential Affinity Photo.

Essential Affinity Photo provides progressive lessons and assumes you know very little about photo editing or using Affinity Photo. Each lesson’s structured to build on previous lessons in order to minimise needless repetition.

The lessons in the book focus on the most important core elements of the software. With this approach, you will quickly find previously confusing subjects somehow just click into place. And by the time you reach the final chapter of the book, your skills with Affinity Photo will be at an intermediate level. Best of all, you will have a lot more confidence in using the software to tackle new photo editing challenges.

eBook Alternatives to PDF?

I realise not everyone is a fan of reading books in PDF and may require other formats. That’s why, if you buy Essential Affinity Photo from my Lenscraft store, you can choose the format. In addition to the PDF version, you can also opt for the ePub or Kindle Mobi for the same price. And if you decide you want all three versions, you can select the “All” option. This delivered all three versions of the book to you in a single compressed Zip file for the same price.

But what if you’re a print book fan? I have that covered as well. The print version of Essential Affinity Photo is also now available from Amazon in the UK, US and a few other countries offering their print on demand service.

And if you use any of the other book platforms such as Apple, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Nobel, just search for Essential Affinity Photo. You’ll find me there too.

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