Now Available: Essential Affinity Photo 2 in Paperback & eBook

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Robin Whalley Landscape Photographer

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Now Available: Essential Affinity Photo 2 in Paperback & eBook

Towards the end of 2022, Affinity Photo 2 was released. I had a suspicion this was on the cards and had already begun updating my original Affinity Photo book which had proven so popular. This is what allowed me to release Essential Affinity Photo 2 in December of the same year.

But my new book isn’t simply an update of a few chapters in the earlier book. As I worked through the text, I realised not only had Affinity Photo changed more than I thought, but I had also changed how I use it. As a result, the new book has expanded and is around 30% longer than before, containing lots of new information. You may recognise some of the example images and editing concepts, but how I apply the adjustments and recommend working has changed.

Essential Affinity Photo 2 book cover

What hasn’t changed in the new book is my commitment to creating a resource for anyone wanting to learn Affinity Photo but who doesn’t know where to start. By focussing on photo editing and the essential tools for this, Affinity Photo becomes easier to understand.

You can learn more about my new Essential Affinity Photo 2 book on the Lenscraft information page, as well as download a sample section from the eBook.

The eBook is priced at £6.49 (or similar in other currencies) and available for purchase from Lenscraft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Smashwords and Kobo. As of January 2023, you can also purchase Essential Affinity Photo 2 in paperback for £24.99 (similar in other currencies) on Amazon.

For the new print book, I’ve used a similar layout to my other recent paperbacks as it’s proved extremely popular in feedback. Features include:

  • The largest paperback size Amazon supports at 11” x 8.5”.
  • The text is well spaced and uses an easy to read 11pt font.
  • Large images, making the book easier to follow.
Essential Affinity Photo 2 Book pages

I’m committed to ensuring this is the best book available for everyone wanting to learn how to edit photography using Affinity Photo 2.

To learn more about Affinity Photo 2, see my release review on Lenscraft.

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(Also available for Affinity Photo 1 in the Lenscraft Store.)

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