“Affinity Photo How To” Book Launch Q&A

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​“Affinity Photo How To” Book Launch Q&A

Last week was a big week with the launch of my latest book “Affinity Photo How To”. As always when I launch a new book, I receive a lot of questions, so I wanted to answer a few of the most common here.

Affiity Photo How To eBook Cover

Is this a New Book?

Yes, “Affinity Photo How To” is a completely new book. I wrote it from scratch over a 7-month period. It’s based on questions I’ve received since I published my first Affinity Photo book, “Essential Affinity Photo”. I also collated additional questions from Lenscraft subscribers to ensure I cover the most common questions.

Is this Different to the Essential Affinity Photo Book?

This is a very different book to Essential Affinity Photo. To understand the difference, think of trying to learn a new language.

When you first start to learn a new language, it can be difficult to construct sentences and fit words together. Trying to use Affinity Photo for the first time is a lot like this. Many tools appear disjointed and it’s difficult to understand how they work together. I wrote Essential Affinity Photo to address this problem and provide a basic structure for photo editing. It gets you to the point where you can do the basics, a bit like holding a simple conversation with someone in another language.

Once you can hold a simple conversation in a new language, you need to expand your vocabulary to progress. Think of the new Affinity Photo How To book as expanding your vocabulary in photo editing. It will move you towards becoming fluent with the tools.

What Skill Level is the Book Aimed At?

Affinity Photo How To is written to be accessible for Affinity Photo users at all levels who have a basic understanding of Affinity Photo. The 25 chapters each address a different area or question that’s been raised, and which are common activities when editing photography.

Some of the topics appear quite simple when you see the chapter titles, but don’t be deceived. A chapter on a simple topic often explain multiple ways to complete an activity as well as much teaching wider skills. By delving deeper into Affinity Photo as you complete the exercises in the book, you will pick up lots of additional information. There’s also a degree of overlap between chapters which you will see in the list of related chapters.

Understanding everything in this book will significantly expand most people’s knowledge of Affinity Photo.

Are there any Images to Support the Exercises?

Yes, there are accompanying image files intended to support the editing exercises. You can download these from the Downloads for Books page of this site. It’s well worth using these to complete the chapter exercises.

Will the Book be Available in Print and When?

Yes, a print version of the book is scheduled for late January/early February. The print layout is underway, but the precise timing depends on how soon proof copies can be produced. If you subscribe to my Lenscraft newsletter you will receive an email announcing the print publication.

If you would like to download  sample of the eBook, you’ll find it at the bottom of the book information page. If you have any other questions about Affinity Photo How To please feel free to contact me.

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