Landscape Photography Tutorials

This page contains all my landscape photography tutorials. I’m always adding new tutorials to help photographers trying to master this skill. Landscape photography appears easy when you first come to photography. What could be more difficult? You’re out in the landscape enjoying nature. All you need to do is click the shutter and you’ve got a great image. Except most of the time this doesn’t work, and the results are disappointing or disheartening.

If you recognise this, don’t lose hope. There’s plenty of help in the tutorials below.


Comparing where to focus in a landscape photo with where to focus in a portrait

Where to Focus When Taking a Photograph

A question often asked is, “Where should I focus when taking a photograph?”. It appears this causes a lot of confusion, possibly because it's intrinsically linked with depth of field. In this article, I want to explore the question of where to focus when you’re taking a photograph ...
What Is the best ISO In Photography thumbnail

What Is ISO In Photography, AND How Do I Use It?

This page may contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission to help cover costs. They do not affect the price you pay or the service you receive. Thank you for your support. What Is ISO In Photography, AND How Do I Use It? In this article, we explore ...
How To Avoid Converging Verticals

How To Avoid Converging Verticals

Converging verticals is the name given to a perspective effect seen in photography. It's commonly associated with using a wide-angle lens. Because of this, some people mistakenly call it wide-angle distortion, but that's incorrect. You can see converging verticals with any lens under the right conditions. It's just that wide-angle ...
screw in camera lens filter

Why You need to Use a Polarising Filter

In this article, we will look at the humble polarising filter. We also explore why you might want to use a polarising filter for landscape photography, the benefits, and some problems you might want to avoid. If you’ve ignored the polarising filter in your camera bag, I would encourage you ...
camera diffraction example showing diffraction in the distance

Is Your Camera Diffraction Limited?

When photographers think about diffraction, we tend to think about lens diffraction. For some reason, we seem to ignore the part the camera sensor plays. I too made this mistake, until recently, when I was plagued with soft images. Following lots of head scratching, I discovered that my lenses weren’t ...
Flowering heather captured using a shallow depth of field

Take Better Photos Using Depth of Field Control

As photographers, one of the most valuable tools for taking better photos is the depth of field. Being able to control and use depth of field correctly is often what separates a skilled photographer from the rest. In this tutorial you will learn: ...
How to use a wide angle lens for best effect title image

How to Use a Wide-Angle Lens for Best Effect

Using a wide angle lens for landscape photography is something most photographers take for granted. If this is you, you need to give it more thought. Often a wide angle lens is one of the first lenses a new photographer tries when they become interested in landscape photography. Enthused by ...
5 tips for landscape photography title image

5 Tips to Shoot Your Best Landscape Photography

In this tutorial, I want to share 5 tips for better landscape photography. Whilst there are a lot of “tips for landscape photography” tutorials, most are too simplistic and often focus on the wrong things. It doesn’t matter what lens or camera you are using. If you don’t address the ...
Tips for abstract landscape photography success title image

Tips for Abstract Landscape Photography Success

Abstract landscape photography can seem like an easy option at times, especially when the weather is dull. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t work well and is a common mistake amongst photographers. If you want to shoot good abstract landscape photography this tutorial has some simple tips that can help. Let’s start ...
Overcast Landscape Photography advice title image

Overcast Landscape Photography Advice

Trying to photograph the landscape when the weather is dull, grey, and overcast can be extremely challenging. The best approach is to avoid these conditions by picking the day and location based on the weather forecast, but that isn’t always possible. Fortunately, when faced with photographing an overcast landscape, there ...

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