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Are you new to Affinity and wanting to learn how to use it? Then watch my special learn Affinity Photo video tutorial series before reading the more advanced tutorials found below. You will also find that my book “Essential Affinity Photo 2” is  great way to learn photo editing with Affinity Photo.

If you have more experience using Affinity Photo then the tutorials on this page can help you tackle more advanced problems. You will find all kinds of tutorials dealing with many of the common tasks Affinity Photo users face.

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Essential Affinity Photo 2

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How To Create a Greeting Card Template Using Affinity Photo

Make Your Own Greeting Card Template Using Affinity Photo

I was recently asked how to design a greeting card template using Affinity Photo. As many photographers want to do this, I thought it would make an ideal tutorial to share ...
How To Blur the Background in Affinity Photo

How To Blur The Background In Affinity Photo

In this tutorial, we look at three steps to blur the background of a photo using Affinity Photo. The starting image below features two people against a slightly blurred background ...
Focus Stacking In Affinity Photo Video Thumbnail

Focus Stacking In Affinity Photo

Focus stacking is a photographic technique combining multiple images into a single photo. It’s used when a single image can’t capture sufficient depth of field and so doesn’t appear sharp throughout the frame. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use Affinity Photo’s Photo Merge feature to automate focus stacking ...
Creating Abstract Art From Photo using Affinity Photo

Creating Abstract Art From Photos Using Affinity Photo

A subscriber recently asked me how to copy an effect to produce abstract art from photos, using Affinity Photo. When I looked at his examples, they appeared to use double or multiple exposures. Some also used textures blended into the image. While the double exposure effect can be created in ...
How To Create An Affinity Photo Template For Photography

How To Create An Affinity Photo Template For Photography

In this tutorial, I explain how to create an Affinity Photo Template to layout photography. Recently, a Lenscraft newsletter subscriber contacted me. They wanted to switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, but one thing was preventing them. They used a layout like the one below for their photography and needed ...
Affinity Photo Luts for seriously good color grading

Using Affinity Photo LUTs for Great Landscape Colour Grading

LUTs are used a lot by the Movie Industry to add atmosphere to a film. I’m sure that you’ve seen the green, dark tint used by films like The Matrix. This process is known as Colour Grading and is typically done using LUTs or colour lookup tables. LUTs are also ...
The No.1 Sharpening Mistake in Affinity Photo

The No.1 Sharpening Mistake in Affinity Photo

When you’ve finished editing a photo and you are ready to sharpen it, there’s a common mistake that you need to avoid. This mistake doesn’t have a name to describe it, but it can easily cause you to over or under sharpen your photos ...
How to Restore Old Photos video thumbnail and title image

Restoring Old Faded Photographs With Affinity Photo

Recently, my daughter gave me an old, faded photograph and asked if I could restore it. The answer was “of course”, but then she had others that she also wanted to restore. After a quick internet search, I found lots of people looking for information about restoring old photographs. This ...
Completing the red blue channel swap in Affinity Photo

How To Do An Infrared Channel Swap in Affinity Photo

In this article, I will explain how to make a channel swap, for an infrared photo using, Affinity Photo. If you have already read my article explaining how to channel swap in Photoshop, you will already know why we might want to do this ...
Starting image to be posted to Instagram

How To Crop A Photo For Instagram Using Affinity Photo

In this tutorial, we look at how to crop a photo for posting to Instagram. As well as explaining how to crop the image, you will learn how to resize it to the 1080 x 1080 pixels used by Instagram. We also look at fixing a couple of common problems ...

Affinity Photo Books for Photographers

Learn Affinity Photo with Essential Affinity Photo 2. Extend your Affinity Photo knowledge with Affinity Photo How To.

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