Topaz Detail in Landscape Photography

This video was developed to accompany my book “Topaz Detail in Landscape Photography”. At the time of posting the book is in the final stages of editing and is expected to Launch in May 2015. It’s aimed at those who are either new to or have little experience of using the Topaz Detail software. Despite this there should be something of value in the book for experienced users also.

This particular video demonstrates how Topaz Detail can be used to significantly enhance the visual appeal of a typical landscape photograph. Whilst the example is run from Photoshop the same process can be adopted for any editing package supported by Topaz. The image used for the example can be found in the download accompanying the book. The running time is approximately 25 mintes.

If you don’t already use Topaz Detail you can obtain a trial version from the Topaz Labs website.

Topaz Detail in Landscape Photography – Video

Click the play button below to view the video. You can switch to a full screen view using the button to the bottom right of the video player. Please feel free to post any questions at the bottom of the page.

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