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Using the Lightroom Clone and Heal Tool

Recently I posted a video showing how I had captured and processed some images of Holm Fell in the Lake District. Following this I received a few comments saying the editing was difficult to follow. I had assumed everyone would be familiar with the Lightroom Clone and Heal tools but that wasn’t the case. This is my attempt to correct the problem.

In this video I will demonstrate both the clone and heal tools in Lightroom. I will describe the differences between the two as well as when you might use one rather than the other. I will also show how you can manage the edits you make as well as switching between the two tools, even after you have applied the adjustments. Even if you are familiar with the clone and heal tools in Lightroom, this is a useful video to watch. It may illustrate a feature that you weren’t aware of.

The Lightroom Clone and Heal tools are easy to use once you have the basics mastered. Whilst they don’t have the power of the correction tools in Photoshop, they are still very useful for the photographer who prefers to work in Lightroom.


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Photo Editing Tutorials Using the Lightroom Clone and Heal Tool (Video)