Focus Stacking with Helicon Focus Video

The following focus stacking video uses Lightroom for image organisation and Helicon Focus v6.5 for focus stacking. A free 30 day trial of the Helicon Focus software is available from the Helicon Focus website.


Focus stacking is a technique used to increase the depth of field that can be captured by your camera. At the same time the technique also allows you to record images using the optimal aperture for your lens, so you can be sure your images are at their sharpest.

The technique is quite straight forward but requires a number of identical images to be captured where only the point of focus changes. You can read more about the technique in the Focus Stacking tutorial. Having captured a set of images for focus stacking, the images are processed into a single image with a much greater depth of field than any single image in the set. This requires the use of special focus stacking software, such as helicon focus.

The following video demonstrates how to manage your images within Lightroom to help administer the focus stacking sets and then how to process these using helicon focus. A link to download the demonstration images is available in the Focus Stacking tutorial.

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